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Emergroup was founded in Ponsacco as handcraft factory in the classical style, handing down from over 50 year the real value of the highest quality of forniture.
The inside of the tester is made of real genuine wood veneer, with a central panel upholstered with high quality tufting fabric with golden trimmings.
White curtains with golden profiles adorn the bed with majestic drops surrounding the precius columns made of breass, sheltering the most romantic moments.
The side detailed picture highlights the particular central shape of the bed with precius carvings in the gold leaf, completely handmade by the best artisans.

laboratory The great character of the "Principessa", "Sovrana" and "Imperatrice" collections is the burned maple inlays with flowery design, which are surrounding the central medallion finished in gold leaf recalling the 800's style.
The night stand contains, in all its tiny dimensions, the whole beauty of the shaped rounded drawers and sides, with plenty of carvings and inlays by valued work of master carpenters and enriched with columns 24k gold.
The night area offers a wide choice of different solutions for the bed, which is valued on its own, or fitted with a magnificent "boiserie" featuring bevelled mirrors.
The caracteristic point is the central shaped top with two halogen lights ready to lighten any precious part of the bed.
The majestic toilette expresses all its feelings with the sinuosity of the curves that our architets have wisely harmonized with golden carvings and refined inlayed drawers, secret jewel-cases from women. The shaped top with its inlays made of burded maple is blooming from these round lines.
The skill of the master carpenters enables them to achieve the real beauty of the flowery inlays, mounted on the pourest briarveneers, which is the quarantee for the highest quality of a handcraft product.
Only the greatest conoisseurs will appreciate the strength of such workmanship: the Dresser with rich golden carvings and precius inlays; the Mirror reflecting the unique harmony between the golden carvings and the brass columns.
In order to complete "Principessa", "Sovrana" and "imperatrice" collections, Emergroup, along with his team of architects, developed the "day" area program, with a wide variety of furnishing solutions.
The 3 doors glass-cupboard, is one of the finest creations; the essential value is based on the lateral doors, curved to contain the handmade crystal bevelled and carved.
Inside, crystal and thick shelves lightened by halogen spotlights, will emphasize the richest silvery.
Emergroup intends to give the highest expression of the furnishing taste in the "sideboard", proposing a solution with "boiserie". In the central part, surrounded by golden carvings, are the halogen lights, which warm all the inlays with a refined touch.
The round table is emphatized by a majestic pedestal, and enriched by brass columns and a central stamp.
The refined inlay, in burned maple with flowery motives, both of the Lazy Suzan and on the table top, is the most characteristic element.
Emergroup is also completing the series of tables, proposing several rounded shapes.
The chair is enriched with magnificent decorations and finished with the real gold leaf. The back is made with the purest briar veneer, matching all the inlays of the entire collection.
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